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Praying for our Nation

Road to the White House

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Oct. 1-Nov. 2, 2020


Thank You

for joining us for the last

33 Day!

Conference Call:


Meeting ID: 88473883329

Password: 843990

33 Days of Prayer

Road to the White House

Oct 1-Nov. 2 at 6:00-6:30 AM EST

On Thursday, October 1, I will be praying on Facebook Live for 33 days until the election. I will have a prayer guest each day.  See the link below. 

As we begin the prayer journey, I am reminded of the story in Joshua when he is in the midst of a battle. He looks up and sees an angel who is the Captain of the Host. He ask the angel, "Are you on my side?" The Angel's response was, "No, I am on the Lord's side." Joshua 5:13-15  As we pray, our response must be that we are on the Lord's side.

What is your response? I am asking you to join me on FBLive or by conference call starting at 6:00 AM, Oct. 1 for 33 days to cry out on behalf of our nation.

Prayer Points

  • Voting Polls

  • Voter Registration

  • Voter Turnout

  •  Unity in our nation across racial boundaries, social-economic boundaries

  •  Supreme Court Justice Replacement

  • Senate seats that are up for reelection

  • Praying for the Battle Ground States

  • Pray for the candidates

  • Pray for Election Day Nov. 3

  • News Media will report the truth/facts. 

  • The Election Process as ballots are counted on Nov. 3.

  • Impact of our nation after the election. 

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